Guttenburg, Gutenburg, Gutturnberg or what?

The more I read about Gutenberg, the more I see that some people have real problems to remember the name. I saw every possible misspelling like Guttenburg,
Getinborough, Gutenburg and many more. Guttenburg and

Apart from the fact that we would not have letters, fonts and web fonts as we know them today, if Mr. Gutenberg had not invented modern printing, there is another small problem with
these kind of misspellings. I wrote an article for that, which you should read if you have problems remembering the name: Who was Johannes Gutenberg?

“So maybe plugin authors should opt into Gutturnberg with ‘supports’ => array( ‘gutenburg’ ) or similar”

Found on Github

Spelling mistakes are bad, but it gets really terrible in code.

While I have a really good idea why this name has been chosen for the project, some people seem to wish it was never born. I also was used to Divi and the first time I heard of Gutenberg (yes, that’s the name) I was really confused. Why? We use our builders, everything’s fine, we don’t need this
600 year old guy here. But as Matt Mullenweg, WordPress Co-Founder and Lead Developer said before:

We called it Gutenberg for a reason

Matt Mullenweg, WordPress Co-Founder

You might read that article here.

Johannes Gutenberg has not only changed modern printing, but also the way we publish. Books, newspapers, magazines, leaflets and finally the entire digital environment as we know it today.

The Gutenberg Editor may not change the world for everyone but certainly for every WordPress user, developer, enthusiast.

So let me remind you again. Not Guttenberg, Guttunburg, Getinbourg but simply Gutenberg.

Is there anything about this article that may not have been said yet? Then hit the keys.

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