Month: June 2018

Your first start with Gutenberg

Want to start with Gutenberg right now? Really easy. Only install the Gutenberg plugin and try creating a new post.

This blog post will be more detailed soon.

Start with your existing WordPress website or blog

Only install the Gutenberg plugin, but care for a up-to-date WordPress installation and make a backup before. If it is a live platform, you better make a copy and do it there. Or better take the easy way …

Start with a new WordPress installation

Install WordPress on your webhost or local system and add the Gutenberg plugin. 

Guttenburg, Gutenburg, Gutturnberg or what?

The more I read about Gutenberg, the more I see that some people have real problems to remember the name. I saw every possible misspelling like Guttenburg,
Getinborough, Gutenburg and many more. Guttenburg and

Apart from the fact that we would not have letters, fonts and web fonts as we know them today, if Mr. Gutenberg had not invented modern printing, there is another small problem with
these kind of misspellings. I wrote an article for that, which you should read if you have problems remembering the name: Who was Johannes Gutenberg?

“So maybe plugin authors should opt into Gutturnberg with ‘supports’ => array( ‘gutenburg’ ) or similar”

Found on Github

Spelling mistakes are bad, but it gets really terrible in code.

While I have a really good idea why this name has been chosen for the project, some people seem to wish it was never born. I also was used to Divi and the first time I heard of Gutenberg (yes, that’s the name) I was really confused. Why? We use our builders, everything’s fine, we don’t need this
600 year old guy here. But as Matt Mullenweg, WordPress Co-Founder and Lead Developer said before:

We called it Gutenberg for a reason

Matt Mullenweg, WordPress Co-Founder

You might read that article here.

Johannes Gutenberg has not only changed modern printing, but also the way we publish. Books, newspapers, magazines, leaflets and finally the entire digital environment as we know it today.

The Gutenberg Editor may not change the world for everyone but certainly for every WordPress user, developer, enthusiast.

So let me remind you again. Not Guttenberg, Guttunburg, Getinbourg but simply Gutenberg.

Is there anything about this article that may not have been said yet? Then hit the keys.

Gutenberg and custom fields, where is my metabox?

Gutenberg ACF Custom Fields Screen

Gutenberg is coming soon. Some of the most frequently asked questions these days are: Will ACF still work? Where will WordPress Metaboxes be displayed or are the really gone? Who will be the next US President, Elon Musk or Homer Simpson? Time to find some answers and test things out:

Test environment for Gutenberg with ACF

We install a new WordPress and add the WordPress Beta Tester Plugin. This is the best way to create a WordPress 5.0 demo platform. Since Gutenberg is not yet the standard editor of WordPress 5.0 (and will be delivered with the final WP5 or not), we install the Gutenberg plugin afterward. Then we take a look at to download the latest beta version of the Advanced Custom Fields PRO plugin.

That leads us to the following installation:

  • WordPress Version 5.0-alpha-43320
  • Gutenberg Version 3.0.1
  • Advanced Custom Fields Pro Version 5.7.0-RC2

Even if it is a big version step with WordPress and ACF, everything looks the same at first glance, except editing posts with Gutenberg, of course.

Create custom fields and test with Gutenberg

So we create two first test fields and edit the well-known Hello World post. As long as the placement settings have not been changed, the metabox with the two fields is displayed under the Gutenberg Editor.

ACF Custom Fields in a WordPress Metabox – yep, they are still there

Then we play around with the settings of ACF. The Seamless Metabox changes almost nothing. The buttons for editing and minimizing have disappeared, that’s all.

ACF Custom Fields Seamless (no metabox) are also working.

That’s very reassuring. After so many comments and evaluations mourned the death of Metaboxes, they are still there. We are testing the other possibilities to display the fields on the right or above. While displaying it on the right is a bit ugly, the placement above is not working anymore.


The WordPress
Metaboxes are still there, yeah, dope! ACF still works without problems, only the placement via Gutenberg may take some time. I think that is a little bit more work, as placement within Gutenberg needs a new JS-implementation, there is no way using the good old
metaboxes above or within the Gutenberg editor. We stay tuned, but for now
, the current state is sufficient to work with ACF and Gutenberg.

Oh, and the new US President 2020 will again be Donald Trump, according to current surveys.  I think Homer Simpson would be the better choice. As a comedian and as President.

What do you think of Gutenberg, ACF, Donald and Homer? Leave a comment if absolutely necessary 🙂